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Experience!  As a family/veteran owned home inspection company with over 30 years of city, home residential and commercial inspection experience ProSpect Home Diagnostics is here to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are making the right investment regardless of the type of inspection you need. We are uniquely experienced, ready and able to give you the home inspection service you deserve:

Buyer's Home Inspections

Seller's/Listing Inspections

Homeowner's Maintenance Inspections

Multi-Family Home Inspections

11th Month New Home Inspections

Commercial Building Inspections

Pool/Spa Inspections

Crawlspace Inspections


Quality! Our reports are full narrative (What is the condition. Where is the condition. What is our recommendation to correct the condition.) inclusive of photos demonstrating the conditions found. Each comment is identified as either a health and safety, repair, maintenance, or recommended upgrade condition. At the front of the report you will find a summary of the health and safety and repair conditions so you will see those most important to address items first. Make sure to attend the inspection. Follow your inspector around asking as many questions as you can.


We are happy to familiarize you with every component of the home and its systems.

Peace of Mind! Rest assured that your safety and peace of mind come first for us, ALWAYS. We are available to answer your questions before, during, or after the inspection. That's right, you can call us anytime, even years after the inspection with questions about your home. No charge for future phone consultations! 


We will be here for you every time!

What our customers say

Stacey performed my home inspection and did an outstanding job. He was super friendly, listened to my concerns and explained his findings in a very easy to understand manner. He took his time and did not mind me following him around the entire time. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

— Sharlene Goldman

What our customers say

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