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  • Stacey Tjarks

Hello Fire! Come on in!

There are some specific requirements for doors and other materials that separate your garage from your home. A lot of flammable materials are stored in garages and many also have gas fired appliances in them. If a fire gets started in a garage with all that fuel, well, let's just say that a bit of added separation from is required to give your family time to get out of the house and away from the fire before it is in the house and all around you. There are some specific requirements for the door leading from the garage into the home. The door is required to have that self-closing device that is so annoying when you are trying to bring in your groceries. I know it is tempting but don't disable it! The door is also to be not less than 1 3/8-inch thickness, solid or honey-comb-core steel doors not less than 1 3/8-inch thick, or a 20-minute fire-rated door. Pictured is another one of those things that home inspectors see really often. Dog doors installed in these doors. Hello fire! Come on in! If you have a dog door installed in the door from your garage to your house you need to replace that door right away to ensure as much safety from fire as possible for your family. Give us a call if you need a home inspection 951-767-0192 or visit our website to schedule your home inspection today! . . .#prospecthdinspections #homeinspection #homeinspector #temeculavalleyrealestate #lakeelsinorerealestate #lakeelsinorerealtor #menifeerealestate #menifeerealtor #murrietarealestate #murrietarealtor #riversiderealestate #riversiderealtor #hemetrealestate #hemetrealtor #dogdoorsintogarages #familyfiresafety

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