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  • Stacey Tjarks

Is Your Patio Slab Causing Water Damage in Your Walls?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The patio concrete on this home was poured too high so that it is inhibiting the function of the weep screed. The purpose of the weep screed is to allow moisture to drain from behind the exterior wall surface. Most exterior wall installations (particularly stucco) can be penetrated by moisture for a number of reasons. If not properly drained the moisture will damage underlying materials such as wood framing, insulation and drywall. It also creates a mold friendly environment. Remember, no moisture, no mold! A separation of two inches (2”) between the base of the weep screed and the concrete finish grade, or four inches (4") above dirt grade should be provided to allow proper drainage. If you are having concrete installed around your home make sure the contractor leaves the proper space below the weep screed. If you already have concrete around your home, and are not sure the installation is correct, consider a Homeowner's Maintenance or Seller's Listing Inspection to clarify this for you as well as inform you about other conditions in your home that you may want or need to address. . . .#prospecthdinspections #homeinspection #homeinspector#temeculavalleyrealestate #lakeelsinorerealestate #lakeelsinorerealtor#menifeerealestate #menifeerealtor #murrietarealestate #murrietarealtor#riversiderealestate #riversiderealtor #hemetrealestate #hemetrealtor#homemoisturedamage @ Temecula, California

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