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  • Stacey Tjarks

Got Any New Leaks in this Rain?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Roof vents are a common location for leaks to develop. The longer the leak lasts the more damage can be done to the wood, insulation, drywall and more below them. Let's not forget about our enemy MOLD either, mold just loves moisture! The best way to deal with this type of leak is to prevent it from happening. All roof penetrations like vents and chimneys require flashing that is designed to keep the roof watertight. Without flashing, rain water would run down higher areas of the roof and right into the house interior wherever valleys, joints, edges, vents, and any other gaps are located. To prevent roof leaks an annual inspection of the roof is strongly recommended so you can address any maintenance that may be needed. Unless you are a roofer you should strongly consider staying off the roof yourself. Have a professional home inspector or roofing professional have a look for you. This is not only best for your personal safety, they know exactly what they are looking at and for. They will then recommend maintenance to keep your roof lasting as long as possible as well as to prevent the water damage that results from a lack of maintenance. It is much more cost effective to do regular maintenance than it is to repair the roof and the damage caused by the inevitable leaks. Give ProSpect Home Diagnostics a call today at 951-767-0192 to request a home maintenance inspection. We'll inspect the roof and all of the other systems of your home so you can get a list of maintenance items that will SAVE YOU MONEY and give you PEACE OF MIND! .......#homeinspection #homeinspector #prospecthdinspections #temecularealestate #roofmaintenance #temeculahomeinspector #realestate #realestateagent #temeculavalleyrealestate #realtor #realtorlife #california #leakingroof

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