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  • Stacey Tjarks

Whole House Fan? Do NOT Cut a Truss!

Whole house fans are a wonderful addition to homes. The Department of Energy says that these fans used in combination with ceiling fans and other household fans can offer acceptable cooling for many families, even in hot weather. This makes them a nice option for lowering electric bills in warm months. They must be installed correctly though or they can cause more problems and expense than they are worth. Take the installation in this photo, whoever installed the fan cut a roof truss. If this type of install happens in your home you will be very unhappy when you go to sell the home and the inspector says you have to hire a structural engineer to certify that it is not a problem. The engineer may also have to provide an engineered repair to restore the truss to its proper function (carry its share of the roof load) causing you to have to hire a contractor as well. Engineers can be costly so be sure you have your whole house fan properly installed. If you already have a whole house fan and are not sure it is properly installed you may want to consider hiring a home inspector or other professional contractor to find out. Trust me, it is better to know this before you attempt to sell your house, not when you are already in escrow with a buyer!

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